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Mincers | Grinders

Emulsifier Finer 150/180

Velati two stages emulsifiers, constructed entirely of stainless steel, are machines designed to ...

Grinder breaker TFR 300/400

Velati TFR grinder breaker, made entirely of stainless steel, is used to break and grind frozen ...

Grinder breaker THOR

Velati THOR grinder, completely made of stainless steel, represents the latest generation of ...

Grinder refiner 180/180

The patented Velati grinder model 180/180 has been designed to allow the premixing, grinding and ...

Grinder TA/TM/TMR

The Velati’s TA/TM/TMR grinders, completely made of stainless steel, have been designed to perform ...

Grinders TA6/TM6

Velati’s TA6/TM6 grinders, completely built in stainless steel, have been designed to perform ...

P 130

The P130 are manual food mincers for medium volume productions. They are suitable for mincing any ...

PAL 130

The automatic mincing machine models PAL130, PAL160 and PAL200, form a part of the machinery for ...

PAL 160

Equipped with two worms, the feeding worm mounted at a 90-degree angle with respect to the cut, ...

PAL 200

The standard model is equipped with a high-power engine for the worm, and a single speed, which ...

PSA 160

The model PSA 160 can achieve productions of up to 3000 kg/hour and can mince meat at temperatures ...

Spreading machine

Velati spreading machine, entirely made of stainless steel, is a machinery specifically used in the ...


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